FleetComplete have built an entrepreneurial culture on a global scale
Tony LourakisCEO

Tony Lourakis is the CEO and Founder of FleetComplete

Tell us about the journey FleetComplete has taken to where you are now

We have a philosophy that is all about learning. I love telling people that I am running a company larger than I ever have before. With that, you must be focused on surrounding yourself with experienced people, advisors, and an amazing board of directors. We bring in strategic support, consultants, and mentors - so I have always surrounded myself with the support and have this philosophy of constantly learning as we grow.

How does company culture contribute to your success?

When you are a small company; when you are in the early days; when you are a startup; clearly communicating the values and mission helps rally that group to persevere through the hardships of the early days and getting established.

Now we are a global company with over 500 employees between Europe, North America and Australia. It is critical today to communicate that mission and values constantly as it is hard to get a group of 500 or 5000, or whatever the size is, going in the same direction when you are dispersed around the world.

Our culture is very entrepreneurial. I am an entrepreneur at heart, a founder, and a CEO. It is about being aggressive, ambitious, fast-paced, innovative and I push that. How I run the company breeds throughout the organization.

What are the opportunities for the future of Canadian tech?

Canada by itself is a relatively small market, on a global scale, but a great place to start something. We have amazing talent, great infrastructure, stability, transparent and open economy here. It’s a great place.

What’s next for FleetComplete?

The next for Fleet Complete is that we are developing a long term vision with an ambitious and bold goal: to be the best in the world in the segment and industry that we are playing in.