TrackTik are Transforming Reactive Actions to Proactive Solutions
Francois DeschampsCFO

Francois is the CFO at TrackTik

Tell us about TrackTik and the journey to where you are now.

TrackTik is a single software solution that gives physical security operations visibility on guard progress, reduces manual tasks, and generates data and analytics. Our founder, Simon Ferragne, came up with the basic idea for TrackTik five years ago when he noticed that security operations were still manually operating using paper and pen. The initial concept was intended to allow security managers to keep track of their guards but expanded to include data and analytics that enable security operations to become proactive rather than just reactive.

Our company is expanding fast. In the last two years, we’ve gone from 45 employees to the 130 we have today. We currently have more than 500 clients in over 35 countries across the globe.

How does company culture contribute to your success?

We hire people that naturally share our company values, such as acting as an owner or being passionate about what we do.

Something that is special about our company culture is that everybody at TrackTik has a voice, regardless of your level. Someone that just joined as an intern could go challenge our CEO directly to propose new ideas and to try to look at problems and solutions in a different way.

What are the challenges for the future of Canadian tech?

One of the biggest challenges in the Canadian tech industry is talent: being able to recruit the right people for your business. Over the last few years, the ecosystem has boomed. There’s been a lot of capital invested in Canadian companies, but finding the right talent has become increasingly difficult.

What’s next for TrackTik?

Before I talk about what’s next, let’s just take a moment to recognize the success that we’ve had in the last year. Last year we ranked 11th in the Deloitte Fast 50 Awards with over 1700 percent growth. We have won many other awards in client success or in talent as well. What we plan on doing in the future is continuing on that trajectory of building our business, developing our product, offering a 360 solution to our clients, and integrating AI to automate processes and make security operations more efficient.