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Sheetal JaitlyCEO

Sheetal Jaitly, CEO of TribalScale discusses results, failing and 'doing big!'

My name is Sheetal Jaitly and I’m the CEO of TribalScale. The name TribalScale came from a couple of things that make a tribe really successful. Everybody in their tribe knows their roles really well, they are process-oriented and follow a process to a tee. Everybody in a tribe is a master at what they do. When you put all that magic together, you get a tribe that believes in the same vision. That’s what tribal scale does. We help organizations scale and innovate, and we promote ideas that bring them to life.

What was the companies journey to get to where it is now?

The journey of going from 5 employees to 230 in a very short time hasn’t been this hockey stick growth that everybody thinks. There has been a lot of ups and down, we’ve crashed and burned and fallen on our face many times, but we get up as a collective, learn from our mistakes and come back with an even better offer. And our clients love that, and they see that we’ve been stepping up our game and pulling them into the future better than anyone else.

How does your environment create results?

Our environment creates results by doing a couple of key things, A) we dream big, B) we plan big, but then, C) we do big. And how we do that is by getting stuff done. I always get asked about our sales, how do we manage to get all these amazing companies in 2.5 years? And how do we grow our sales over 30 million in our first 3 years? It really goes back to being big.

What do you offer employees of TribalScale beyond compensation?

What we offer our employees beyond compensation, is that after you go through a journey at TribalScale, you would have been a part of this amazing growth and you would have been the one who has impacted the growth of the company. This means you would have learned a lot and failed a lot. In fact, we have a sentiment here called, “fail fast”, where people are failing and learning from each other. Once you’re done your career here at TribalScale, the world is your oyster. There’s not going to be an organization in the world that won’t want to hire you — and if they don’t want to hire and you want to start something, you’re looking at the team that will probably fund your next start-up.

What's next for TribalScale?

What’s on the next horizon for TribalScale? It’s for us to expand and actually grow ourselves beyond what most companies are able to do. That’s in sight for us.