Maropost’s Journey to Success
Ross Andrew PaquetteC.E.O and Co-Founder

Maropost create powerful platforms designed to help businesses scale in every area—shaping the way organizations operate through technology

What was the company’s journey like to get to where it is now?

The company’s journey to get to where we are today was quite unique. We started off as an email service provider about seven years ago, focusing mainly on companies sending out mass email campaigns. We’ve since moved a long way away from that; we concentrate now on CRM, e-commerce, sales automation—and our focus is to become more of an organization. Our journey to date has been centered around growing our vision beyond a single product, single feature company; growing into a company that has multiple products, multiple services, and multiple layers. So, that really helps us work towards the direction of having more of a brand around us that we can leverage for future goals and ideas.

What is it about your company's culture that drives success?

Our company’s culture drives success through a few different areas, but the key is work ethic. What made us successful in the early stages was the number of people that we had in the organization who were willing to put in the time and effort, whether they had the skills or not. Over time, we’ve really tried to pass that drive down via the leadership level. As we bring in new individuals into the organization, they certainly go through the process of understanding that they really have to put in the time if they want to be successful and hit their goals.

How do you as a leader ensure that your culture, is a culture, that creates success?

As a leader, I create a culture that creates success by leading by example. If I expect my team to put in the hours, put in the time, put in the effort to building, marketing, and selling our products, I’m with them during that process, guiding them down the path that’s going to make them successful.

Where I believe Maropost is very different is that we focused on that area in the early stages, when we had twelve people doing thirty million dollars in revenue. That’s very uncommon in this space and as we’ve expanded we expect the other people in the organization to have the same focus, understanding, and dedication.

What’s next for Maropost?

The next stage of Maropost is to continue to focus on that organizational side—creating a vision and building an organization that’ll be here for the years or decades to come.