Klue’s Startup Advantage
Jason SmithCEO

Klue was recently listed as one of Deloitte Canadas Technology Fast 50 'Companies to Watch'

What is Klue?

Klue helps salespeople, and the teams who enable them, leverage competitive intelligence to win more business. We’ve built a platform that combines information shared by co-workers with machine curated intel from across the web into battlecards and live dashboards of competitor activity.

How do you attract talent to a startup?

Startups are for builders, those who want to build something from nothing and see it take shape in the market. You attract talent by giving smart, driven people the room to move, to create and build as part of a small but focused team devoid of politics and who have a strong bias to action. You give them a voice, where their opinions directly influence the direction of the company. The more you share your vision, challenges and opportunities in a genuine and authentic away, the more the right talent gets attracted. Momentum helps, as does an equity upside, but more than anything, it’s about connecting builders with a bold vision and giving them the collective room to run.

How does your culture and values come to life?

Klue lives and breathes a core set of values that start with being “all in”. We’re all in helping our customers and co-workers, building market changing technology and improving every day. Transparency is fundamental. We work in an open office environment literally and figuratively, where anyone can hear the CEO’s conversations or open up the latest board report. We hold ourselves accountable publicly, posting weekly commits in Slack, to continuously updated divisional metrics provoking frank discussion on hits and misses. We say thanks with a custom Slack emoji or well-timed gift card, and support our remote workers with dedicated ipads that stream video of our office to their ipad and vice versa.

Tell us something funky about your office.

We have custom-made “pitch pods” complete with noise cancelling foam, light strips, and a Whistler backdrop that gets prospects and clients talking. We’ve got a roundtable in the centre of our open office that acts as a company huddle zone for everything from lunches to town halls. Our office dog Balfour likes to curl up at your feet. We offer free pepper. And we have mini cardboard cutouts of every employee dressed up as caveman or woman. That’s for another article.