Klick Health enhance both patent and patient life
Leerom SegalCo-Founder and CEO Klick Health

Leerom Segal is and Co-Founder and CEO of Klick Health.

Tell us about Klick Health.

What we do here at Klick Health is we work with life sciences companies that are bringing breakthrough medicines to market. We help them solve many of their commercial challenges - how to get to market, how to size those markets and how to speak to the various stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem.

What's the journey been like to where you are now?

Since our inception, we understood that we’re living in an amazing time where medical innovation is progressing at unprecedented rates and new therapies are coming to market. But as the population ages, there are access issues. Helping patients understand the options that are available to them but also holding their hand through that journey - being able to do that; the human impact of that is quite meaningful. Especially when you get to hear from the patients or the caregiver or their loved ones about what extending and improving human life really meant to them.

How does company culture contribute to your success?

Our culture is really defined by two bedrocks.

The highest order principal is a ‘people first’ philosophy. We’re incredibly lucky to be able to energize our team with work that is also meaningful because that time is not just patent life, it’s also patient life.

The second principle is really this notion of an entrepreneurial spirit. We spend a lot of time teaching our teams to have a bias for action giving them the confidence to experiment and make reversible decisions as quickly as possible.

What's next for Klick Health?

We always see ourselves as being in BETA. What we do continues to evolve and will continue to evolve. The idea of being able to incubate new commercial models and solving problems in the healthcare landscape - that’s a really core part of what we’re focused on right now and also working with digital therapeutics and digital medicine, those are three huge vectors of opportunity that we see right now.

What we do has always changed and will continue to change, and we’re relentless about that. What’s more unique about Klick is really how we do it, and the culture and the people. That’s really what energizes me. It’s not any one particular craft, but it’s really the people side of the business, and the social garden we have been able to cultivate with some pretty amazing folks.