How Rodeo FX’s Culture Creates Value

Rodeo FX is a visual effects company specializing in projects in the film, television and advertising industry.

At the core of Rodeo FX’s DNA is the drive of an artist to shake up a notoriously challenging industry. Founded by the desire to do things differently, we not only offer clients a more agile service, we also pride ourselves in offering artists a different environment in which to pursue their passion. It doesn’t hurt that our president and founder is himself an artist who rolls up his sleeves on the floor on a regular basis.

On the professional front, we recognize that visual effects artists are passionate about their work. A driving factor for Rodeo FX is to offer artists the most exciting projects to work on, knowing that there is immeasurable value for artists to work on the films and shows that inspire them. Moreover, we understand that artists want to expand their knowledge and improve their skills, which is why we prioritize training opportunities.

On a personal front, we know that making social connections at work is critical to help us get through crunch times, to motivate each other and to work together to achieve our goals. We built a bar and lounge in our head office and offer free beer every Friday for happy hour, across our studios, to encourage artists to share and discuss ideas in an unconstrained setting. We also throw epic parties three times per year, including a legendary, over-the-top Halloween party, our Summer Wrap Party and our Holiday Party, along with countless other celebrations year-round.  

Lastly, because we know that the well-being of our employees is crucial to our success, we invest in their mental and physical health. All of our studios feature Vitamix machines along with fresh and frozen fruits that are freely available to our employees, and we provide a variety of fresh fruit and bagels for snacks. We also negotiate corporate discounts at nearby gyms, organize yoga and fitness classes, and sponsor employee teams for fitness challenges throughout the year. On the mental health front, we implemented an employee assistance program that offers immediate and discreet help to our employees and we have designated HR advisors to offer on-site support to our artists.

We are continuously evaluating our artists’ experience at Rodeo FX and evolving our work environment to not only meet the needs of our team but also to exceed their expectations. And we know that the most important value we can provide is listening to our team.