GrowthGenius take remote working to the next level
Will RichmanCEO and co-founder

Will is the CEO and co-founder of GrowthGenius. The company helps B2B companies get sales meetings with their ideal customers.

Tell us about GrowthGenius and the journey to where you are now?

We started the company back in 2015. It started from a personal pain point that my co-founder and I faced with previous companies. We had fallen for the old adage that if you build it, they will come, and nothing could be further from the truth. We wanted to fix that for our friends and colleagues and help them focus on what they love to do, which is really to build products and serve clients, while we take off as much of the sales team’s workload as we can.

There are two main aspects to GrowthGenius. One is our Professional Services side, and the other is our self-service product.

Our Professional Services is a turnkey sales team, with everything you need to get off the ground and running, and scaling your go to market. Our product is a self-service all-in-one lead generation platform, which allows you can reach out to the right people at the right time, with the right messages all through email and LinkedIn, and have it entirely automated for you.

How does your culture contribute to your success?

The culture at GrowthGenius is dedicated to continual improvement. We’re always focused on how to push the envelope in whatever the state of the art is. We do that by focussing a lot around our learning outcomes, and our career roadmap for our team.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities you see for the future of Canadian tech?

One of the challenges and opportunities I see is that Canada is one of the best places in the world to build a startup, and for attracting good quality talent. The problem with that is that it’s also very competitive, and there’s a lot of startups and a lot of large companies to choose from. For us, it’s about trying to figure out who’s attracted to your message, your values, and where you’re going.

What's next for GrowthGenius?

As a company we’re heading down to Mexico for the month of February, to extend the remote work arrangement. We realize that the best talent is often not located in Toronto - we’re on the search for the best folks wherever they may work.