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Digital Solutions

Greg Malpass

Traction On Demand’s winning company culture

Traction On Demand is the largest independent solution provider in North America.


Alyssa Furtado

Ratehub Inc. helps Canadians save money

Ratehub Inc. is a financial products comparison site to help Canadians find the best deals on mortgage rates, credit cards, savings accounts and insurance.


Cody Green

Customer feedback is key to the success of Canada Drives

Canada Drives is a fintech company based in Vancouver that helps Canadians get car loans


Jennifer Honey Brannon

Financeit stay true to their values at every touchpoint

Financeit gives companies the tools and support they need to start offering their customers powerful financing options.


Karim Ben-Jaafar

Beanworks is modernizing the entire AP process

Beanworks is modernizing the entire AP process, from the purchase decision to invoice approval with electronic payments included in the experience.


Roy Pereira find strength in diversity

The mission is to give everyone in the company their own automated assistant so that they can focus on their higher-value job duties.


Ross Andrew Paquette

Maropost’s Journey to Success

Maropost create powerful platforms designed to help businesses scale in every area—shaping the way organizations operate through technology