Financeit stay true to their values at every touchpoint
Jennifer Honey BrannonVP, People Success

Financeit gives companies the tools and support they need to start offering their customers powerful financing options.

What was the company’s journey like to get to where it is now?

It has been quite an exciting journey and we’ve hit a number of significant milestones in the last few years. In 2016, Financeit (along with Concentra) acquired TD Bank Groups indirect home improvement financing assets. In December of 2017 we acquired a global SaaS company called Centah, which services the home improvement industry. We’re now working on geographic expansion with our majority shareholder, Goldman Sachs.

What is it about your company’s culture that drives success?

We were very strategic about how we wanted to drive our culture as we grew at such a rapid rate. We’ve hired seventy new employees since January, so it’s important to have a plan in place that articulates what our values are.

Our success is driven by our culture. We work hard to make sure we stay true to our values, and culture at every touch point whether that be dealing with our merchants, our customers, or our employees, culture is always top of mind.

What does it mean to put culture first? We look for cultural fits with employees, starting right at the recruitment process. We bring in candidates based on cultural and behavioural-based questions. We want all of our employees to go through the same experience and ensure they all feel part of the community.

All new Financeit employees receive a survival kit as a fun way to introduce our employees to our culture Inside the kit, you’ll find a pair of Financeit socks, a hard hat stress ball, value post cards for distributing within the team, a travel mug and more.

How do you as a leader ensure that your culture, is a culture, that creates success?

As part of the executive team, it’s important that we all lead by example and live the values everyday. We refer back to our values when making decisions, always keeping them at the forefront. They help guide and set the tone for our company.

What’s next for Financeit?

Financeit is growing quickly. We’re continuing to focus on growing the Canadian market in the home improvement industry as well as prepare for our geographic expansion into the U.S.