d1g1t Inc develop powerful, practical solutions through collaboration
Dr Dan RosenCEO and Co-founder

At d1g1t Inc, it's all about teamwork.

My name is Dan Rosen, I’m the co-founder and CEO of d1g1t Inc. d1g1t is a new Wealth Management platform for financial advisors, rooted in very powerful risk analytics and risk management tools, that provides transparent portfolio management services to financial advisors and their clients

What was the company’s journey to get to where it is now?

Starting d1g1t was very exciting. We identified a big need in the Wealth Management space and we worked very hard for the first few months to engage a couple of early clients. They worked with us for over a year to help us build a solution that would satisfy their needs and pain point. I believe that the biggest challenge for a company is to develop a solution that the final user truly needs, and can transform the way they work, and not just what you think the client needs.

What is it about your company’s culture that drives success?

What makes the culture at d1g1t unique is a combination of encouraging innovation and creativity with an attention to detail and call for action.

How does your environment create success?

In order for d1g1t to achieve the desired results, we need an environment that encourages collaboration and creativity, while keeping people accountable for the quality of their work and their timelines. The type of technology that we provide cannot be built by individuals working separately. It’s all about teams. You need to provide an environment for people with different backgrounds and different strengths to collaborate in order to develop powerful, practical solutions.

How do you reward your employees beyond compensation?

The concept of “taking Risk” is at the core of both our analytics solution and our culture. Beyond compensation, we believe we offer an environment where people are actually encouraged to take risks, to think creatively and take initiative into building really cool solutions for our clients.

What’s Next for d1g1t Inc?

At d1g1t, we want to revolutionize the Wealth Management world. We believe that human advisors will be empowered by technology like never before to provide great services to their clients. At this stage, we have 4 clients going live, with over 13 billion dollars in AUM. Our key objective is now to scale our operations and client reach so, over the next year, we are acquiring another 10 to 15 clients, and are entering the US.