Cinchy are on a mission to simplify the enterprise
Dan and KaranCo-Founders

Dan and Karan are the co-founders of Cinchy. Dan is the CEO and Karan is CTO.

Tell us about Cinchy and the journey to where you are now.

We met about 10 years ago, when we were both working together at a large global bank. We had similar roles in that we were both building technology solutions for this organization. That experience is really what gave us the insights to be able to identify all the costs and inefficiencies that are created by the “app for everything” paradigm. And that’s what lead us to start Cinchy. K

If you look at the enterprise today, there’s a major shift happening towards collaboration technologies, but it hasn’t really impacted data management yet. What we’re doing at Cinchy is bringing collaboration to complex data environments in order to simplify it and restore agility and security to the tech delivery process.

What’s magical about our Data Collaboration Platform is that over time we actually eliminate the need for big companies to buy and build applications. Applications might seem great, but they fragment data and force companies to make hundreds, even thousands of copies in order to deliver new technology. The result is that today’s enterprise and public sector is incredibly complicated and slow. By making all those copies, they have no real control over their data, and without control, they cannot deliver new technology fast or even guarantee data privacy.

Our secret weapon in this war on complexity is that we enable our customers eliminate all those copies by managing data as an interconnected network, similar to how the network that we call the internet allows website pages to be linked without making copies. Next we layer in real-time collaboration features that combine employees, systems, and AI in order to improve data quality like never before. It’s both simple and completely radical. D.

Can you describe your market opportunity?

We’re creating a new market category called Data Collaboration. A huge part of what needs to be done is educating the market and shepherding them into this “post-app” era.

To us, digital transformation means employing technology in all parts of your business. What that’s going to mean is creating a LOT more technology. But in the traditional app-centric paradigm, a lot more applications also creates a lot more complexity. Cinchy is changing that by enabling organizations to use a new data architecture and collaboration tools execute against their vision better, faster, and cheaper. K

Another crucial are of course if data privacy. True data privacy will only arrive once organizations and people stop making copies and have total control over their data. Today they do not. Cinchy gives them that control. D

Technology’s original promise was to simplify our lives, but technology is incredibly complicated today. Our mission is to make things simpler. Our vision is a single, secure interconnected network of data that enables real-time collaboration between people, systems, AI. K

Tell us about the culture at Cinchy.

The culture within Cinchy is very collaborative. Our mission of simplifying the enterprise is true within our organization as well. One of the things that we do which is unique is leverage our own technology to actually to run our business. When we talk about eliminating applications for others, we’ve already proven it for ourselves. K

What is your approach to attracting and retaining talent?

When hiring, one of the things that we look for is people who have a knack for simplifying, which is a pretty rare skill. The world is a very complicated place and our mission is to simplify it. But there’s people who are really wired to be able to take away that complexity and that’s who we’re attracted to and the culture we’re trying to support. D

What’s next for Cinchy?

Today we’re coming out of a soft launch period. We haven’t done much marketing but during that period we were able to close the biggest banks in the country. We’ve also been able to expand into some of the major real estate companies and we’ve already started to partner with several of the major global consulting firms. With that success behind us we’re going to be expanding ultimately to all sectors across the globe. D