Living well with Carrot Rewards
Andreas SouvaliotisFounder & CEO

Andreas Souvaliotis is the founder and CEO of Carrot Rewards.

Tell us about Carrot Rewards.

Carrot is an app the rewards you for learning how to live better. The idea behind Carrot is that all of us are very very hooked on incentives and we know that points work extremely well in influencing consumer behaviour. So why not use the exact same power to influence citizen behaviour to get us to live healthier?

How does company culture contribute to your success?

Cultures evolve and, to be honest, what I’m describing to you in terms of our current culture, is what we thought our culture was three years ago when there were six people here. We assumed that the journey from six to 38 would actually be quite significant. And so that the company today with 38 people wouldn’t feel the same way.

Remarkably our culture hasn’t evolved. We’ve made it to 38 people, and we are still the same kind of crazy, genuine, simple, family-like company or family as we were at six. Nobody comes in here, nobody joins this team unless they feel like a Carrot person.

What are the challenges and opportunities for the future of Canadian Tech?

The future of Canadian tech entrepreneurship is something that fascinates me because I am now inside that space and I am watching the conditions evolve around it. The best thing about the Canadian tech entrepreneurship is the talent pool.

We are the talent country and we keep just producing all these amazing minds at our universities. And so the tech field in our country is ready to catch those minds and fuel its success. I would say that’s our number one asset.

What's next for Carrot Rewards?

This crazy place is now growing in so many directions. The most important thing that’s happening is, because this is a world-first invented right here in Canada, together with the government of Canada, we have this giant wind in our sails about taking this Canadian gem and spreading it to the rest of the world.