Customer feedback is key to the success of Canada Drives
Cody GreenCEO

Canada Drives is a fintech company based in Vancouver that helps Canadians get car loans

Tell us about you and your company

I’m Cody Green, founder and Co-CEO of Canada Drives. Canadians come to us to get auto financing and we help them through our network of dealerships and lender relationships across Canada. So, typically how a consumer bought cars in the past is they would go to a dealership, pick out a vehicle and at the end they would work out their finance options. Works great for some people, but some people end up leaving disappointed, not knowing what they were going to get approved for, what the interest rates or payments would be. Come to Canada Drives first and we will get that financing set up so when you walk into the dealership, you know what you can afford and what vehicles to be shopping for.

What was the company’s journey like to get to where it is now?

In 2010 we were just a small group of people and I don’t think we even realised the scope and where we could actually go with this sort of opportunity. It was just a handful of us, now there’s 400 people and we are working across the country and dealing with over a million Canadians each year.

What is it about your company's culture that drives success?

I think there is a couple things about our culture that has allowed us to be successful. One thing that I think is really important is the feedback loop that every employee has with the customers experience. So, the things they are working on, they can really understand how its going to impact the customer using our services.

I think once you get to a certain size, almost subcultures emerge. Part of our team is a sales customer support team and that is sort of high energy and there is a lot of music going in the background and everyone needs to be fired up to come into work each day. Then, you’ll have more of the technology side of our business, where they are solving technical problems and working in creative teams. They begin to develop their own cultures within sort of a grander company culture.

How do you as a leader ensure that your culture, is a culture, that creates success?

In the early days, it became how much can I do during a day? When the company grows and you’ve got hundreds of staff, what you can do in a day doesn’t really matter anymore. It’s really about who can you influence in the day, who can you work with and who can you sort of empower to see the vision through. When it comes to environment, it’s not just the space that you’re working in, its really the people that fill that space.

If you’re coming to work with people who actually care about the success of the company and the success of the people around them, that’s really going to influence the environment and the culture.

What’s Next for Canada Drives?

We are really excited for the this year, over 1 million Canadians are going to apply with Canada Drives this year, which is an extremely exciting milestone to hit but what we’re finding it that there’s demand for our services outside of Canada. So, we’re going to be looking to expand in both the UK and the US.