Broadsign are Fostering family values to enhance the long term vision

Jean Beaudry is the COO at Broadsign.

Tell us about Broadsign.

Our team focuses on solving our clients’ needs by providing them with a solution to automate their entire business process when it comes to buying, selling and managing their out-of-home advertising inventory.

How does company culture contribute to your success?

At Broadsign, our value system is very important, it’s part of our culture. They’re based on family values that are simple and easy to apply. One of our core values is ‘do the right thing’. This is something that is fundamental to how we work with our coworkers, partners and customers. It seems so simple but these values foster our long term vision and have helped shape our overall success.

What are the challenges for Canadian tech companies?

One of the biggest challenges for tech companies in Canada is attracting top talent. While Montreal is a hub for digital talent, there is also a big pool of tech companies all looking for their next hire. Working at Broadsign is more than just a simple job. Our employees feel like they are part of something, of a community, where their voices are heard and they can be themselves. This is what makes company culture so important for us, as it is one of the key ways we attract and retain employees. Also, our beer tap doesn't hurt in helping build the Broadsign family!

What’s next for Broadsign?

We’ve recently made two acquisitions and with that comes new talent! One of our main priorities will be to unite our cultures and ensure we maintain the positive working environment we currently have. This was something we kept in mind throughout the acquisition process. We made sure that each company had a culture that would be a great fit for us. This will help us continue to evolve our product roadmaps, maintain our position in the industry and further strengthen our talented team.