Motoinsight are revolutionizing the car buying experience
Andrew TaiC.E.O

Since we last spoke to the Toronto-based company, they have initiated a global expansion

What has changed since your last interview?

Since our last CBRE Forward, things have been moving at a tremendous pace at Motoinsight. We’re seeing lots of momentum in the marketplace, and one of our biggest milestones is that we’re going global. We’re still proudly Canadian and Toronto-based, but we recently landed our first US client and our first Australian client, so we’re tremendously excited about the momentum that we see in the marketplace, taking our company to a whole new level. There are lots of challenges that come with this, but we’re excited to continue on that growth path.

What new lessons have you learned as a leader experiencing tremendous growth?

As a leader experiencing tremendous growth, it’s a little bit of an old lesson that’s renewed once again. When you’re growing extremely quickly, one of the lessons that I’ve learnt is that I can’t do everything on my own anymore. In the early days when we were just a few of us in a basement, it was a heck of a lot easier, and so having the right people that share the same vision and values is extremely important. It’s always important, but especially so when we’re growing fast.

What created or caused this change?

When we started the company, we were probably a little early to the market. Today, when you look across every other retail sector, whether you’re talking about coffee or books or groceries, you’ve seen digital retail and ecommerce transform every one of those industries. The time for that to happen in automotive is now, so we are focused on delivering revolutionary car buying experiences that match what customers have come to expect in every other industry. We’re extremely excited that it’s all coming together, and we’re at this inflection point that will take the company to a new level and disrupt the industry in an entirely new way.

CBRE has been a tremendous partner to us. As we’ve talked about, one of the most important things to us as a company and our success is our people and ensuring that our team has a great space to work in. A space that engenders creativity, innovation, and a place that people are genuinely excited to come to work in. That’s extremely important. CBRE has been an incredible partner in helping us find the right place to build our company.

What’s next for Motoinsight?

Well, we’re so excited about the mission that we’re on to revolutionize the car buying experience. We believe that you deserve seamless in store and online experience, as the same way you buy practically anything else. We’re working with the most innovative automakers and dealerships to deliver that transformative car buying experiences. We’ve got the right team to accomplish this, we’ve got the right product to deliver this and now, we’re so excited to do this right here in Toronto.